Saturday, August 31, 2013

Button Free, Zipper Free, Care Free

I am (almost) ashamed to admit that I purchased a pair of pants with the slogan "Button Free, Zipper Free, Care Free."  A search for new dress pants took me to Kohls.  I was on a time frame so I just grabbed a bunch of black pants in my size and off to the dressing room I went.  I tried on a bunch of pants and few fit comfortably.  But one did, the Lee Slimming Pull on Bootcut Pants.  You guessed it, elastic waist band pants (EWBP).  But they were so comfortable.  I was in pant heaven.  They were comfortable, they fit great, they looked good and they made me feel good.  But could I wear EWBP?  I am in my 30s, my low thirties even.  I'm young, I'm hip, I cool (well maybe not so much).  But still, the only pair of paints I own without a zipper are a pair of sweatpants.  But has I stood there looking in the mirror, I thought to myself, damn, are these pants comfortable.  I decided what the hell.  I would buy the pants.  I figured I could where them on days when I really didn't care what I looked like or when I was feeling fat.  But they were so comfortable, I decided to buy two pairs.  So I grabbed a second pair and headed to the check out counter. 

When I got to the check out counter, I double checked the paints that I had and discovered that I had two different sizes.  So back to the dressing room I went to confirm my size.  Once I was back in the dressing room and back in those pants, I wonderful feeling came over me.  I was again in pant heaven.  I did the 360 turn to check out my new pants.  I did a couple squats and even sat down.  Damn, were these pants comfortable.  I decided to live and die in these pants.  It was tough taking them back off and putting on my original pants.  The button seemed to dig into my stomach.  I couldn't breath.  I just wanted to put back on my new EWBP.

Now that I had determined my size, I went back to the rack to get a second pair in my size.  This is when I discovered that they come in different sizes.  I ended up leaving Kohls with not one, not two but four pairs of EWBP.  Two blacks, one khaki, and one jean pair.  Yes, I have a pair of elastic EWB Jeans.  They are just like those PajamaJeans but cooler and actually are real pants.

After spending an entire week wearing nothing but EWBP, I am hooked.  At first I was ashamed.  Grandmas wear EWBP.  But a quick survey from my coworkers proved, that they didn't look like grandma pants.  They looked like any other pair of pants.  And I am so comfortable at work I don't care what other people think.  I even have a friend who is an EWBP convert.

As anyone else out there tried these pants?  Or am I only.  I am hoping to start an elastic waist band pants support group for all those who love EWBP.  Inquire within.

Button Free, Zipper Free, Care Free?  Why yes, thank you.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What am I doing... Or not doing?

I decided to write a blog back in May 2011.  That lasted about a week.  So I am going to try again.  I feel that I would be a good blog writer if I could just stick with it.  But blogging is harder than I thought it would be.  What do I write about, who is my audience, how long should each blog be?  The questions go on and on and truthfully, I don't have the answers.  So in true nature to who I am, I am just going to go for it.  My hope is that my random ramblings are just that.  I am always trying to come outside my comfort zone in hopes that my comfort zone becomes so large, I rarely feel uncomfortable.  Opening up to the outside world is something that is outside my comfort zone.  For now, I will hide behind my anonymous blog.  As we all know, it is easier to be brave when no one can see you.  So here goes nothing....