Friday, March 21, 2014

One Picture, Three Stories: Drink

This story is written for a blog link up hosted by Jane Heinrich called One Picture, Three Stories #3 {Blog Link-up}.  You should check it out for more fun stories.  So the point is to take one picture and write three stories.  Okay, so I guess the title kinda says it all.  These stories may or may not be true and may or may not be made up.  You guess which is which.  So this is my first attempt at this one picture, three stories business.  Forgive me if it is awful.
Story #1
My grandfather worked in a small pub when he was a teenager.  He wasn't the bartender, get that out of your head.  He was a teen.  He spent his afternoons hauling cases of beer, mopping up sticky floors and taking out the trash.  It wasn't a glamorous job but it gave him a sense of purpose and a few bucks in his pocket.  He later bought the bar with his brother.  After my grandfather's brother died, my grandfather retired and passed the bar onto my father.  I practically grew up there, playing on the bar stools and pretending to drink beer.  But all that is in the past.  Today is the day that my father passes the bar on to me.  I have been dreaming of this day since I was a little kid.  And today is my day.  I finally get my chance to run the bar.  But I will always remember the men who got me there.  I keep a picture of my grandfather and his brother at the bar.  They will always be right where they belong, behind the bar.
Story #2
I thought we would never choose a bottle.  How hard can it be to choose one bottle?  Seems simple enough right?  WRONG.  Bottle distributors kept bringing in more and more sample bottles.  Why did this seem like the hardest part about opening a brewery?  Picking napkins was simple, deciding what kind of beer to brew was easy, picking names for the new beer, all easy.  But deciding what bottle to put our beer in seemed to be impossible.  In the end, the task was impossible.  We just couldn't agree which bottle to pick.  Instead we decided to brew the beers directly into kegs and have everything on tap.  Problem solved.  We stuck all those bottle samples in the window and called them decoration.  We saved a bundle on bottles and decorations.
Story #3
I just wanted a drink.  It had been a long day, a long week, a long month, a long life.  I sat there and thought about my problems.  There seemed to be so many.  What was I going to do about my mom?  She wasn't getting any younger.  Work wasn't getting any better.  The layoffs seemed to be a weekly occurrence.  And my kids.  What they hell was I going to do about my kids?  Those kids scared the hell out of me.  It just wasn't natural.  And just then, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  Maybe my problems weren't so bad.