Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Walking Dead Took Over My Life

So you may or may not have noticed that I have been absent for a while.  I have a good excuse... well maybe not a good excuse, maybe just an excuse.  I started watching The Walking Dead on AMC.  My sister introduced the show to me when I was visiting her and I was immediately hooked.  The Smooch and I had to start watching it.  The show had just started it's fourth season, so we had some catching up to do.  The Smooch and I spent three solid weeks but we watched all three previous seasons and got caught up on season 4.  It took many types of media to get there.  We borrowed seasons 1 and 2 from the library.  We signed up for a one month free trial from Netflix just so we could get season 3.  Then we had to download and pay for the remaining episodes of Season 4.  But we are now caught up.    We stayed up late trying to get in one last episode.    We spent an entire Saturday dedicated to nothing but The Walking Dead.  We didn't leave the couch, we didn't shower, we didn't move.  We had pizza delivered directly to our couch so we wouldn't miss a minute. 

I want to save you all that pain and suffering so I am going to give you the cliff notes version of what happened in the four seasons of The Walking Dead.  **Spoiler Alert**  You may want to skip this blog if you are really interested in watching The Walking Dead, which I totally recommend.  Just kidding, I don't think I give away too much but if you are worried about it, just look at the pretty pictures.

The Walking Dead
As interpreted by me with the help of some of my dramatic reenacting crew.*

Season One

We meet the main character and his hat.  Our main character is Rick Grimes. This hat is a great symbol throughout the show.  

Rick Grimes - Zombie Killer

Every great hero needs a hat.
He was a local sheriff who was shot in the line of duty.  He has no idea what is happening because he was out cold during the whole thing but he catches up pretty quickly. 
I've been shot!
He even finds his wife (Lori), kid (Carl), his best friend (Shane) and a whole slew of new characters.

Season Two

Season Two is maybe the slowest season of them all.  There is a lady named Carol and her daughter Sophie.  Sophie runs away and spends the entire season being lost.  
Sophie!!  Where are you!?!

Sophie are you here?
While she is lost, Carl gets shot tragically but this leads them to a farm where we meet a whole bunch of other people.  Later the farm is taken over by a herd of walkers.  Some people get eaten. 
Don't eat my brain!

It hurts but I like it!

Nom Nom Nom!!!

Oh and Sophie dies in the end.

Season Three

Season Three takes us to a new location.  The group finds a prison and they decide if it could keep prisoners in, then it can keep the walking dead out.  They also meet a new character named The Governor.

(Whenever I say The Governor, I say it like I grew up in London 100 years ago.  Alo Gov-nor!)  He is about the creepiest character you will ever meet.  Mostly because he wants to kill EVERYONE!!  And he does it in the privacy of his own creepy basement.  Except when it comes to Rick and his crew.  He wants to openly kill them.  Rick and The Gov-nor meet to discuss what to do but they don't really get anywhere. 

A Stand Off!  Can we just agree to disagree?

The Gov-Nor attacks the prison but of course Rick's people are ready and they run off the Gov-Nor and his people.  The Gov-Nor gets mad and kills all his people.  Thus ends Season Three.

Season Four

I haven't finished season four yet so I don't know how it ends.  Don't spoil it for me!!  But here is what I have seen so far.  The group has regrouped from the attack and have even taken in the remaining members of the Gov-Nor's clan.  They are rebuilding and have started gardening.  They even have a couple pigs. 
I love my pig!

Where the f*ck did they find pigs in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?  Why don't they explain that?!?  I mean seriously!  A nasty flu breaks out in the group and many people die.  Mostly because Carol was killing them with a big knife.

Carol and her big knife.
And that is what I have seen so far.  I may have missed a few small details like how much I like Dixon.  He is so good looking and fine!  He will be the person I will be looking for in an apocalypse.  But I told The Smooch that I wouldn't bring it up.

Until next season...

*I only have three dogs so some of them had to dramatically reenact more than one part.  Forgive me, I will try to get more dogs before I attempt this again.  I would also like to note that no animals were harmed in this dramatic reenactment.  They were only greatly annoyed.  But I think PETA would be okay with this.