Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random Words of Encouragement 2014

Tomorrow is Friday, January 17th.  But some people will know this day as The Second Annual Random Words of Encouragement Day.  People from all over the world will be leaving random notes with encouraging words for strangers every where they go.  They way I came across this event fits in with the theme the of event.  A random person that I do not know created this event.  She invited some of her Facebook friends, one of my Facebook friends invited me and I invited some of my Facebook friends.  And this continued until 695 people accepted the challenge.  So this random person had an idea last year on her 30th birthday.  She wanted to change the course of a day for other people using kind words.  This year she is offering up a challenge.  She wanted 100 people to place 5 random words of encouragement around the town they live in.  So far 695 people have answered the call to arms and tomorrow, they will be leaving these little notes everywhere they go.  There are people in more than half of the United States and in multiple countries participating tomorrow.

What if we all started sharing random bits of kindness with strangers?  Could we create a movement?  The answer is yes.  In fact, one single lady created this movement.  What will you do today?
Random words ready to sent into the world.

Looking for more information??  Check out these sites.  I would love to see your pictures so feel free to share them with me and remember to use the hashtag #RWOE2014!