Thursday, May 19, 2011

My adventures in the minor dental procedure also known as Skin Grafting

A recent visit to my periodontist left me knowing that I had a receding gum line and would need a skin graft to repair the issue.  Basically, they wanted to remove a small section of skin from the roof of my mouth and relocate it to the receding gum line.  Awesome!  So the day before yesterday was the day.  I was very nervous.  I haven't had much dental work done.  I have only had one cavity but the whole procedure was a breeze and sadly the easiest part of the whole adventure.  My every so loving boyfriend insisted on driving me to the procedure and taking care of me the whole time.  I am sure he regrets making such and offer.  Right after the procedure I gave him a one time offer of punching me in the face in the numb spot.  He declined but I am sure he regrets declining that as well.

The first problem occurred with the first dose of painkillers.  My BF (The Smooch) insisted that I take two.  Hit the pain hard, hit the pain early apparently is his philosophy.  So I took two percocets and an antibiotic and settled in for the night on the couch with some really bad tivo-ed shows.  Not long after the percocet hit me and hit me hard. 

I was high as a kite and feeling no pain. Not sure if my boyfriend gave me a double does of pain killers to kill my pain or to kill the pain in his ass which happens to have the same name as I do.  I was very sleepy and more nauseous than I have ever been in my whole life.  This lead to a long night of The Smooch taking care of me.  He brought me soup, crackers, smoothies, apple sauce, tums and he was great the whole time even though I am sure he was regretting his decision to nurse me back to health.

The next day, I felt great.  No pain and no pain killers needed.  But the first hiccup happened at lunch.  I supposed to be on a soft/ liquid diet. I bought all these yummy soups to eat. I get one out for lunch and it is the old fashioned kind with no pop top. (Or as a friend later told me, not the old fashioned kind, just the normal kind with no pop top.)  I had no can opener. I searched my desk.  No good.  I went next door to see if they neighboring tenant had one.  All they had was a cork screw.  I told them I might be back to get it if I couldn't find anything else.  Finally I just sent my coworker on a wild goose chase to find me a can opener and fast! You know how I get when I have no food in my tummy!  Grouchy!!  My fabulous coworker was kind enough to pick one up for me on her way back from lunch.  The day was saved!  And so was my lunch.